IPS®RELEX reads GE URS native files.

IPS®RELEX is a specialized tool for power system protection data management. It allows you to manage all relevant data of the power system, relay locations, technical documentation, relay setting history, relay setting and relay template handling, multiple comparison options, and even test automation and test document handling. It has integrated the world’s most comprehensive library of relay models.

The latest IPS®RELEX has been extended with a brand new GE UR (URS) data reader.
With this upgrade, we have greatly simplified the process of handling protection data by enabling the direct import of native URS files for versions between V4.x and V8.x. In the case of a lower version, the old CSV data reader will still be used.

The above updates are already implemented in IPS®ENERGY version 1.93.115 and IPS Master Data Package 50 (MDP50).

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